Bradley J. Clark
Fine Art

About Me

Creating all my Life

My great-grandmother, grandmother and mother were all artists. I couldn’t get away from it. I have been drawing and painting all my life. When I was young, I was never given coloring books, just blank paper, and lots of encouragement. 

I spent summer vacation living with my Grandma and Pop in southern California near the Mohave desert. My Grandma, whom I renamed Grimsley, was a professional painter and instructor. I loved hanging out in her art room and studio. I enjoyed the smell and feel of the paint, the brushes, knives and palettes.  She taught me early on that people want to see paint on the canvas. 

Medium and Method

I like to create paintings, usually in acrylic, that don’t look exactly like photographs. I want the viewer to see and feel the paint... the energy, flow, light and contrast. I strive to create art that connects with the viewer, and impacts them not only on a visual level, but emotionally as well.  I'm inspired by the great impressionists, and of course my wonderful Grandma Grimsley...whose brushes, knives and palettes I now use in my own work. Hopefully channeling some of her love, passion, and zest for life through my hands. 

Inspiration and Subject

Painting is my passion. I can get in the flow and get absorbed for hours, never wanting to stop. I’ve always enjoyed getting outside and hiking, biking, or just walking and staring at the trees, birds, and clouds. I love to soak in the fresh air and sunshine. We’re often surrounded by a whirlwind of activity and electronic distractions. I like to paint trees and natural landscapes as a calmer alternative to the self-made chaos going on in our lives. I enjoy painting landscapes, and trees juxtaposed against wild backgrounds. Chaos and Calm... tranquility in the midst of busyness.